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How to Change Language settings

Applies to: RC8 / RC8A / COBOTTA Operation Path: [F6 Setting] + [F3 Pendant and Panel] + [F1 Language] Owner’s...
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Extended-Joint Option for RC8/RC8A

The extended-joint support system is different from the conventional robot system in the following points. Robot controller which is equipped...
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Error: Command speed limit error

Problem Generated command value exceeded the speed limit. All joints were Emergency-stopped and motor power was turned OFF. On CP-motion...
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Issues with brand new RC8A

After receiving a new robot from Japan there will be an error related to the Auto Enable signal if External power is not supplied. In order to recover from this error you will need to set the controller’s language to English and then set the Mini I/O power to internal mode.
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Point Teaching

What is Teaching? Teaching refers to a method of programming in which you guide a robot through its motions using...
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