Extended-Joint Option for RC8/RC8A

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The extended-joint support system is different from the conventional robot system in the following points.

  1. Robot controller which is equipped with a driver board suited to extended-joint motors to be connected.
  2. The robot controller and extended-joint motors are connected using extended-joint motor cables, motor conversion cables, encoder cables, and encoder backup batteries (all of these are options).
  3. Extended-joint motors (option) which are equipped with bus-line encoders. (6-axis robot: up to 2 motors. 4-axis robot: up to 4 motors. motor type available)

Extended-Joint Function

The extended-joint function allows you to control extra joints independently of robot joints through the standard interface of the robot controller (RC8 series).

Hardware Configuration

Models Except UL-Listed Ones
UL-Listed Model

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