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If error of number in 85404670s occurs when the encoder backup batteries are dead or motors are replaced (if position data in encoder is erased), it is necessary to reset the encoder and perform CALSET. Ignoring this will disable normal operation of the robot.

Cases when encoder must be reset

No. Cases when reset is necessary Specific phenomena
1Voltage supplied from backup to motor encoder connectors is shut off(1) After motor is replaced, error of number in 85404670s (encoder system down error) occurs.
(2) After internal wiring is checked, error of number in 85404670s occurs.
(3) When encoder backup batteries are dead.
(4) Error of number 85404690s (encoder counter overflow) occurs.
2The motor speed exceeds the allowable valueError of number 85404690s (encoder counter overflow) occurs.
3Each axis motor operates abruptly with control power OFF. Error of number 85404680s (encoder speed error with controller power OFF) occurs.

Tools and Parts needed

Full size Teach Pendant to follow this menus.

  • 410100-1761 – Teach Pendant (4m) (RC7/8)
  • 410100-1771 – Teach Pendant (8m) (RC7/8)
  • 410100-1781 – Teach Pendant (12m) (RC7/8)

Download Resources

PDF Version (Maintainer Password Required)

Step by Step Guide

Step 1

Turn on the power switch on controller.

Step 2

Set the mode select switch on teaching pendant to “MANUAL”.

Step 3

Push [F6 Setting] on the pendant screen.

Step 4

Push [F1 Login].

Step 5

Select [Maintainer].

Step 6

Enter security code: 5596060. Then, push [OK].

Step 7

Push [Cancel] to return to the opening screen.

Step 8

Push [F2 Arm].

Step 9

Push [SHIFT].

Step 10

Push [F6 Maintenance].

Step 11

Push [F2 Encoder].

Step 12

Push [F7 Reset encoder].

Step 13

On the Reset Encoder screen, set the axis to be reset to [ON] and then push [OK].

Default is the state that select only the axis needed to encoder reset (example: the axis in which system down error occurred, etc.).

When select the axis not needed to encoder reset, make the restriction button [OFF].

Step 14

Push [OK].

Step 15

Push [Cancel] three times to return to the opening screen.

* Turn off and then turn on the power switch of controller.

(1) Wait six seconds before turning the power switch ON after turning the power switch OFF.

(2)”Error 844046D6* (* axis encoder has no reception.)” will appear on pendant screen: Press the [LOCK] key and then [CANCEL] key to clear the error.

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