Robot not responding – Errors 83400042 and 85491006 (RC8/RC8A)

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If your robot is not responding and you are seeing these errors then one of your dual E-stop circuits was opened incorrectly. For the robot to function both E-stop circuits must be opened at the same time and from separate circuits.

This means you can’t have both circuits running through the same contact, they must be separate contacts if being used.

Related Error codes:
83400042, 85491006


Note :
You should always power down the controller before changing/modifying  your controller’s wiring configuration

The 2 E-stop circuits are shown above as the 2 twisted pairs of wires of RED/PINK and BROWN/PINK. This means when Pin #2 (brown) and Pin #36 (Pink) are shorted the controller sees E-stop signal . When Pin #3 (Red) and Pin #37 (Pink) are shorted the controller sees E-stop signal 2

You can see from the wiring diagram above how the E-stop safety signals should be wired. The contacts within the same rectangle are dual circuits and must be closed at the same time. Generally, these are 2 contacts on two different relays that have the coils triggered at the exact same time. This is for safety reasons in case 1 of the relays fails you have another to secure the safety circuit.

Check the wiring circuits for the referenced wires above and confirm they are wired correctly. The errors above tells you which circuit closed prematurely (circuit 1 or circuit 2)

You will need to correct any issues found and then open both circuits. You should then be able to reset the faults. You can then trigger your E-stop conditions to close both circuits at the same time and you should have no errors.

It is the same condition requirements for the protective stop and auto enable circuits

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