Virtual Fence Function for RC8/RC8A

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The virtual fence prevents the robot from colliding with surrounding facilities.

Supported Robots
All robot models compatible with RC8A or RC8

How does exclusive control work?

The Virtual Fence is a collision prevention function. Monitoring target objects, such as robots, tools, and equipment, are modeled by WINCAPSIII.

Based on the modeling data, users can start and stop the monitoring by using a teach pendant, mini pendant, or command.

This function is available in Ver.1.12.* or higher.

A full copy of Wincaps III is required to use this function.

System Configuration

Single Robot

If a single robot is used in a system, the system consists of a controller and a robot as the following figure shows. There is no communication with an external device.

You can set the following items as monitoring objects.

  1. Robot, equipment (including fence) , and tool
    The combination of monitoring objects is selected by parameters.
    – robot -to- equipment (including fence)
    – robot -to- tool
    – tool -to- equipment (including fence)
  2. Current value, command position, target position
    These items are set by parameters.
    All of them can be monitored simultaneously.

Cooperative Mode

You can use virtual fence to monitor the robot arms in a cooperative mode setup.

In addition to the normal monitoring you can also monitor the following.
– robot-to-robot
(*1) Robot-to-robot monitoring is available only when the cooperative control function is enabled.

DEMO Video

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