Pharmaceutical/Medical Robots

VS-S2 Series

VS-S2 Series

DENSO’s VS-050-S2 robots meet the strict hygienic demands to automation in medical device / medical product manufacturing processes and drug preparation.

Max Payload






Basic Cycle Time




Sterilizable / Contamination Resistant

Robots with sterility control for use in sterile and clean environments that employ H2O2 gas 35% density (dry/wet) and UV exposure.

  • Smooth surface prevents adherence of dust and dirt. The robot arm is constructed without screws to maintain high sanitation levels.
  • Cleanliness: ISO Class 5
  • Protection level: Wrist IP67, Unit IP65


  • Design compliant with GMP (product management and quality control standard)
  • UL standard / Canada CSA standard
  • Hygiene proven through testing by Fraunhofer Institute (Report No. DE 1409-725)

Isolation (for Sealed Environments)

Cables and other connector panels are positioned on the bottom for easier installation in sealed and quarantine environments.


Electric Gripper Connection Flange

Electric Gripper Connection Flange

Internal mount with gripper cable up to the flange eliminates interference with peripherals. Suitable for clean environments.

Medical and Pharmaceutical Robot Hands

Medical and Pharmaceutical Robot Hands
  • Sterility resistance: Hydrogen peroxide gas (35% density) and UV exposure compliance
  • Cleanliness: ISO Class 4 (GMP Grade A/B)*
  • Made with FDA-certified material
    *Mounting on the robot depends on the robot specification.

External-mount Battery

External-mount Battery

Optional external-mount battery makes battery replacement and maintenance easier.


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