VSA Series

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VSA Series

The VSA Series 6-axis articulated robots offer the world’s highest speed and precision for their class. Their design, which is even more compact than previous models, features ultraslim arms to facilitate integration and an optional bottom-side cable connection that saves valuable floor space. The robots can be mounted on the floor, ceiling or wall with no special hardware needed. An extremely high maximum allowable moment of inertia enables more flexible end-effector designs and a wider range of applications than conventional robots. In addition, a new internal wiring option allows users to easily connect Gigabit Ethernet devices and servo grippers directly to the flange, preventing cables from becoming tangled or interfering with peripheral equipment. A IP67 dust- and waterproof protection option enables the robots to resist cutting chips and high-pressure washing, extending their application range. Standard and cleanroom models are also available. ANSI and CE safety compliance allows global deployment.

Max Payload






Basic Cycle Time








  • High speed — world’s fastest in their class
  • Outstanding repeatability
  • High payload capacity
  • Even more compact design
Reach Cycle Time* Repeatability
505 mm 0.37 sec. ±0.020 mm
605 mm 0.37 sec. ±0.020 mm
710 mm 0.33 sec. ±0.020 mm
905 mm 0.36 sec. ±0.030 mm

*With 1 kg payload

Compact Design

Maximum Arm Width

With a compact wrist unit can also afford to operate in narrow frontage.

  • VS 050/060 – 193 mm
  • VS 068/087 – 235 mm

Maximum Wrist Width

Compact body with few projections and depressions. Neat installations without interfering with surrounding items.

  • VS 050/060 – 95 mm
  • VS 068/087 – 100 mm


  • 7 kg payload in all directions, the highest in its class
  • Adaptable to perform complex, massive hand or double hand movements in all directions without limitation
  • Increased range of small robot applications in processes and improved flexibility in equipment and hand design

ANSI/CE Compliant

ANSI and CE compliant, making them suitable for global deployment.

Easy to Use

  • A variety of installation methods
  • World’s first embedded wiring
  • Arm ends accommodate installation of camera, servo gripper, high density sensor array etc.
  • Floor-, ceiling- or wall-mount is available

Built-in Wires

Environmental Resistance

  • Protected type (IP67) for use in harsh environment
  • Double-seal construction to exclude cutting fluid and chips
  • Resistant to water-soluble cutting fluids


Connector Panel

Choose from two mounting orientations when connecting cables (motor and encoder cable, etc.) to the robot for increased flexibility to accommodate the robot installation conditions.


Plate mechanical interface has connectors for electrical signal lines and EtherNet, allowing wiring to be embedded in the robot unit.

Signal Lines/Air Pipe Solenoid Valve

Signal lines and air pipe solenoid valves are embedded in the top of the second arm. Three varieties are available for VS-068/087 and one for VS-050/060.

Paint and Surface Finish

If the protected type (IP67) is selected, the unit is left as aluminum. Standard paint is available in the special specification (option) when selecting IP67.

Battery Extension Unit

Encoder backup battery installed outside the robot facilitates easier battery replacement and overall maintenance

Brake Release Unit

A switch that allows you to release the brake of each axis. Wiring of this switch is connected directly to the brake release signal of each axis.

Air Purge Unit

The protected type (IP67) maintains an IP67 protection level by air pressure produced inside the robot

Second Arm Cover

This cover has tapped holes to secure wires for the robot’s second arm.


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