WINCAPS III Offline Software

Easy operation and extensive simulation functions

Easy operation and extensive simulation functions of WINCAPS III enable users to reduce time spent on design, fabrication, and maintenance of robotics systems.

  • Program robot from offline PC without operating robot
  • Lay out automation workcells in virtual environment
  • Determine obstacle clearances, detect collisions, verify reach and cycle times
  • Monitor workcell operation from remote location

WINCAPS III Offline Software


DENSO’s WINCAPS III offline programming software enables users to conveniently program a robot from a remote PC without operating the robot.

CAD drawings can be imported in standard VRML and DirectX formats, and variables can be easily entered or changed. A 3-D simulation feature allows layout of automation workcells in a virtual environment. Users can verify reach, determine obstacle clearances, detect collisions, troubleshoot and debug programs, and determine cycle time. The software also allows remote monitoring of workcell operations via 3 D simulation, realtime I/O status indicators and detailed control logs. A panel-design feature allows customization of the Teaching Pendant display.

Version 3.53.0 – November 11, 2016

  • Add a new function: Error+Operation log

Version 3.52.0 – August 9, 2016

  • Add a new robot type, HSR
  • Support RC8A controller
  • Support RC8 controller V1.11.0

Version 3.50.0 – October 1, 2015

  • Support RC8 controller V1.11.0
  • Support RC8 Virtual fence and Exclusive control functions

Version 3.49.2 – May 26, 2015 – Added Features

  • Add UL-Listed robot (VSA3/VSA4/HM/HS)
  • Support the RC8 Coordinate function
  • Add a new robot type, XR2
  • Support the “Controller extension” for the RC8 controller
  • Add a new robot type, iArmS
  • [Bug fix] “RC8 upgrade tools” doesn’t work correctly

Version 3.47.0 – August 5, 2014 – Added Features and Benefits

  • Add a new robot type, VS-S2 series
  • Support the I/O Conversion Box
  • Add a new function: Program encryption
  • Add a new function: Program Lock

Version 3.46.2 – March 14, 2014

  • Support the User-data of RC8 Control Log
  • Add the easy edit function of TOOL/WORK/AREA Coordinates

Version 3.41.0 August 1, 2012

  • The RC8 controller was supported
  • Add a option to treat an individual file in the ‘Import/Export’ functions
  • Add a new robot type,VS-A1,A3 Bottom connector panel
  • Enhanced simulation functions
  • Faster, more accurate cell layout
  • More accurate cycle-time representation
  • More accurate model of robot’s actual performance
  • Simulation session can be recorded and saved as an AVI file for later reference
  • User can move robot to a particular point by simply clicking on surface of virtual model
  • New advanced editing functions include ability to view command-step hints by right-clicking desired command
System Requirements Recommended
CPU Pentium® 4 or later
Memory 512 MB
Available disk space 500 MB or more
Supported operating systems Windows® XP, Vista, 7


CAD Files

Most recent downloadable CAD files are provided by DENSO Wave.